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Frost - Joerg Bergs - New 99


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Oct 5, 0 comments. Pictures at night full of atmosphere, inconspicuous portraits of dark alleys, city views in November, concert photography without a flash, people photography beyond fair weather — all topics describing a special type of photography: available light photography, i. If one takes a closer look at photography, it becomes apparent that quite a number of classics have been photographed under one of the above mentioned conditions.

The following article presents an overview of currently available films, tips for correct exposure and numerous example photos. In this article the focus is on free-hand photography. Currently there is quite a variety of films on the market for available light photography. However, not every film achieves the speed that is printed on the box. Under difficult light conditions super high speed films can be used, or high speed films can be pushed.

In the meantime, this has become the classic among super high speed films. Fast enough for most motives under poor light. Frost - Joerg Bergs - New 99 this film is capable of a soft highlight definition, highlights are reproduced with almost perfect definition. Exposure measurement should be performed at medium grey tones or shaded areas.

This push level visibly emphasizes Frost - Joerg Bergs - New 99 contrast. Shades lose definition and highlights can become rather dense, depending on the light source. However, this results in extreme grain at high contrasts. Originally this film is only produced for the Japanese market. There will, however, be the one or other importer of this film.

If the artificial light component is very high, it should be noted that the film loses speed. The scan operator should then be able to perform corresponding filtering. This film guarantees convincing skin tones. A decisive factor for achieving a controlled result in this way, is a safe exposure, which should be measured at medium grey tones or shaded areas.

Grain, contrast and colour Frost - Joerg Bergs - New 99 can be controlled with exposure of this film, like with no other film of this speed class. This effect can be enhanced with every f-stop. With this film, every photographer can establish his own style, which can be defined by handling available light and adapted exposure.

Grain size and contrast are increased significantly and colour saturation decreases slightly. Granularity is comparable, colours are slightly cool, which is typical for Fuji the Portra films have a slightly warmer yellow tone.

With two extra f-stops, the colour saturation in the range of skin tones gets unnaturally reddish. This film copes with mixed and artificial lighting without significant losses in speed.

Nevertheless, slight over-exposure is preferable under such critical lighting conditions. Tomboy Boogie - Bradleys Circus - Shotgun Bunny operator of the scanner will be grateful for that.

Besides the described films, magnificent available light projects can also be photographed convincingly and expressively with high-speed films and adapted exposure and development. This film was introduced in and immediately convinced Gangsta Luv - Snoop Dogg - Malice N Wonderland of photographers.

The film is based on a classic emulsion with cubic silver crystals. Advantage: Depending on the developer, the film produces a good balance between shadows and highlights. However, the contrast becomes significantly sharper than for the nominal speed. Depending on the exposure, the contrast can still Intro - For Real - Free controlled convincingly without, for instance, highlights being emphasised too much.

The TMax films are flat crystal films that show off with an increased resolution and finer grain. However, the exposure range is smaller compared to a classic emulsion. The films react quite linearly, which is an advantage for zone photography. However the contrast is higher and the shades, or highlights respectively, are trimmed down in tones.

Therefore shades lose definition faster and highlights are emphasised sooner. This is the competitor of the Kodak TX Technology and exposure range, however, are identical. At this speed level the contrast is slightly lower than for the TX However, exposure should always be measured on shades in this case. As for the Kodak TX, granularity still remains very fine. Personal taste comes into play here. This film is the all-rounder in the film world.

Graining is moderate and colouring is slightly yellow-warm, which is typical for Kodak. Graining then increases rapidly, colour saturation decreases and the contrast slopes upward. A pastel look can also be achieved with this film, which, however, is not the topic of this article. The Fuji ProH film is only conditionally suited for available light photography. This film is an excellent film for portrait and wedding photography. However, this film Amen - The Golden Gate Quartet - Golden Gate Quartet shows its strength when it is over-exposed.

Facebook Twitter. Available light: Photography with high speed films under difficult light conditions Oct 5, 0 comments. Low light power with film. Kodak Portra 35mm Super high speed films. Ilford Delta Fuji Natura Kodak Frost - Joerg Bergs - New 99 Fuji Venus High speed films. Kodak TX Kodak TMax Ilford HP5. Fuji ProH. Special films. Kodak TX Fuji H CineStil Search Search for:.


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  4. Oct 05,  · Available light: Photography with high speed films under difficult light conditions. Oct 5, Who is Mein Film Lab? MFL is your professional partner for film scanning. Film has charm and style of his own. Joerg Bergs Address Broichstrasse 5 Huertgenwald Germany EMail.
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