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Need To Go Away - MotivBreaks* - Need To Go Away / The Mind Games

Label: VIM Records - VIMBREAKSBRONZE010 • Format: 2x, File MP3 320 kbps • Country: Greece • Genre: Electronic • Style: House, Breaks
Download Need To Go Away - MotivBreaks* - Need To Go Away / The Mind Games

Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Light and Shadow. I was bummed out and burned out. After a prolonged period of job stressI was relieved to have something to look forward to—a few hours to explore the American Southwest on the day before an academic conference.

I arrived in mid-afternoon, rented a cheap subcompact, and took off. Once outside the city limits, I could feel myself start to relax. Too long. All I wanted to do was to keep driving. I wanted to keep going, farther into the desert, putting mile after mile between me and everyone else. It seemed so urgent, pressing…desperate.

I had to get away. I did eventually make it back to the hotel that night, and I Want My Baby Back - Kenny Burrell - Blues Fuse went to the conference as planned.

But looking back, I wanted to understand what was going on inside me that gave rise to this powerful urge to get away. Was this desire a life-giving impulse or a dangerous one? What was my mind or my soul, or my subconscious trying to tell me through this cry for escape? I guess not. But my wishy-washy response is an accurate reflection of my mixed feelings. The conference was the main reason for the trip, and I had made a commitment to attend.

My yearning for freedom and space had only been partly met. It was like the tip of the iceberg. Looking back, I'm very glad that I took the time Need To Go Away - MotivBreaks* - Need To Go Away / The Mind Games go for that scenic drive. And I'm glad that I was alone, too.

The memory of that solo drive is one that I treasure. But I could have used another free day before the meeting. I would have benefited from more time to collect my thoughts, take a break from my to-do list, and enjoy the beautiful setting.

I also could have used better self-care before that trip, along with more opportunity to process my thoughts and feelings. Had I done so, I might not have been feeling so fragile when I arrived.

Self-care often seems like an extravagance. It can seem indulgent, perhaps even selfish. Ultimately, what I want is a life that is centered in love. The desert environment is very conducive to eliciting feelings and thoughts that make us yearn to know more about our place in relation to the passing of time - you can't look at the sand and sky and rock formations without noticing that they've been there for eons and will remain long after we're gone.

It's like looking out at the sea or up at the redwoods. How do we fit in? Do out lives matter? Reading this, I found myself kind of hoping you'd keep going, see where the road took you, let the conference go on without you.

Not the responsible thing to do, maybe, but I bet it would have been a memorable, enriching experience! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts A part of me wishes, too, that I would have just kept going. In this situation the commitments seemed too important to forego, since I was scheduled to speak at the conference.

But if a similar opportunity crops up again, I just might keep driving! Your comment to the article, "Looking for an Escape? It was exactly what I started thinking mid-way through the reading of the post. Thanks for articulating "my" unexpressed but heartfelt thoughts. So Need To Go Away - MotivBreaks* - Need To Go Away / The Mind Games of what you have written has resonated with me; feeling like i am depleted of my willpower, Seiler Und Speer - Ham Kummst like my life is just one big "To Do" list, and feeling that strong urge to escape.

Understand your feelings completely. In a demanding job where the salary is great, but my heart is no longer in it, often I feel the urge to just drive and drive and start a new life somewhere. I am 47 years old and living with Chronic Lyme Disease. I have been suffering with this since the late 80's and now find myself Need To Go Away - MotivBreaks* - Need To Go Away / The Mind Games a wheelchair.

I am receiving proper treatments finally and feel as if I am having an I Will - Vic Dana - Hello Roommate of sorts. The realities of what has happened to me, my life and the lives of my loved ones is at times devastating. I find myself many times lost and so disheartened by the medical community when I realize this never had to be.

My husband is a different person and life has become what I now believe is Hell. I have not driven in 6 years and two weeks ago found a way to get myself, my luggage and my wheelchair into my vehicle and off I went with no destination in mind.

I drove until I couldn't drive anymore and found myself at the ocean around 1 in the morning. I found a place to stay and spent the night. I never relaxed until I got myself transferred to the bed Then an Need To Go Away - MotivBreaks* - Need To Go Away / The Mind Games at what I had just accomplished as hard as it was.

The sense of independence again was the best thing for me. The next day I spent my time enjoying the beach from a distance and just crying The last thing I wanted to do was head home Not even a week later I found myself in the same place mentally I was not able to go as far or stay away for the night because I had hurt myself trying to lift that heavy wheelchair. I also realized how vulnerable I really am all alone out there I am already feeling that need to run again and it's only been a few days since my last escape.

I also can't go right now due to the injury from my last run but I know as soon as I stop hurting I will find a way to go again. Reading your article I too wish you just kept going I don't know what I am looking for but that urgent need to get far away is just too strong to resist. The times when I feel like that it's usually because I want to be alone. Perhaps you need to consider living alone if at all possible. It's very freeing!

Hi gottagogo do u still leave all the time do u still want to travel i think its awesome that u do and of u ever want a travel partner im here. Hi all, it's Spring! A good time to renew and to do some traveling. I've enjoyed emailing with a few of Projectile Ovulation - Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of Inhumanity, and I wish everyone all the best.

Kelly down in south Texas, be sure to stop and smell the Bluebonnets, you live in the only place they grow! Hope, who offered to be a travel companion -- where are you located? Bob, who shared honest and painful thoughts of leaving it all behind by suicide -- I understand the feeling, but maybe first try a long trip somewhere. It's amazing how much it can change your perspective. Good luck to everyone! I am a 48 years old man unmarried due to many unsuccessful relationships.

Even with no family obligations, I do still want to run away from this world of people. Running away from loneliness. Ironic because we can never really run away. Or can we? I really never comment on anything but I feel exactly the same way! I am 40 yrs old a good job but I feel so lonely. My job is stressful and I always want to to just pack up and leave. When you leave you may just be lonely to where ever you go.

Terrible feeling! Iron - Erland Dahlen - Blossom Bells just want to be happy and I really have no idea how to.

I am not going to try to give any advice but rather I would suggest that both of us help think of away we can get out of our current situation. Have you watched the movie-"into the wild"?

Ummm yea I saw that movie. It's is a little extreme I think lol Let's think of other ways to get away. Hi - I really identified with your article, as I have definitely found myself wanting to 'run away' and escape, and have indulged in some rather unproductive ways of escapism You are absolutely right in needing to reflect on WHY you feel the need to escape - it's a little alarm that something is not right, and what can be done to alleviate the situation or how to deal with it.

Every year or so I yearn deeply for "leaving it all behind" for at least a week or two, and wish it was 2 months at least. The occasion is usually also a Various - Super Star Collection were I get an opportunity to travel.


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