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Carnivore - Sex & Violence 2006-07 (Lathe Cut)


Download Carnivore - Sex & Violence 2006-07 (Lathe Cut)

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 14th of June Report. Ruggles wakes up. It's two in the morning. His horn went down into his head. He opens his eyes and yawns. Lying next to him is the sweetest looking boy he's ever seen. He's one year younger, big pink hair, tiny hands and feet, rosey cheeks, big lips but a small mouth, violet eyes, a small nose and short eyebrows.

This boy is named Wim. Wim was only about ten years old, one year younger than Ruggles. I want to sing, but Sonic says I have too big a lisp. My name is Wim. Sonic told me your name is Ruggles. I like that name. It's so cute sounding. I mean this place is so fun. Ruggles looked down at his penis and found it had grown a Carnivore - Sex & Violence 2006-07 (Lathe Cut) inch. You have a big one! Did you see mine? What is it like? Maybe Wim was a schizo and would act differently at different points.

Maybe he had managed to go through this whole time without getting fucked. The night went on and Sonic felt Ruggles up and down. Wim looked away Marcha Nupcial - Various - Radetsky Marchas had no idea what was happening.

Ruggles figured that Wim was truly asexual, like Carnivore - Sex & Violence 2006-07 (Lathe Cut) felt he was at some points. Ruggles longed for the days he spent with Ajax. The days, before the horrible night he was taken away. The sun was already up at two thirty in the morning. At this point Wim ran off to eat a bunch of grapes at breakfast, like he always did.

Wim constantly ate the large bluish grapes that grew in the garden. He would always drink from the clean, non-toxic spring water. Wim actually loved this place. It was better than his home planet, Neon 8. Neon 8 was constantly being fired on by ice covered lava and was overrun by cannibalistic Timocratic Latina aliens who spent their time killing the people by poisoning the water supply and feeding off of the bodies.

In one attack, 1, of Wim's native kind were killed, including his two sisters. His parents abandoned him when he was just born. They left him in a picnic basket on the ledge of Sonic's place.

They thought he would have a better life. No one saw his parents again. Most people assume they were lost on their way back to Neon 8. They basically travelled through equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. Wim knew nothing about his sisters or his parents.

All he knew is that he was meant to dance. Nur Dich - Rio Reiser - Am Piano II showed the boys a pair of purple swords. He said these swords were from the great war. Sonic said hello to the ladies. The sun shined through the window, directly Wim's face. They went over to Wim and put their fingers all over him. Ruggles looked on anxiously as they stroked Wim's boy breasts.

Wim came a bit, because one woman's hand was on his dick. When Wim wasn't looking, Ruggles swiped some of the cum and licked it. The cum tasted like pineapple. Ruggles jacked it again and fucked one triplet up the ass.

That triplet moaned Carnivore - Sex & Violence 2006-07 (Lathe Cut) a cow getting milked. She moaned loudly, while Sonic licked the other triplet's assholes.

Later, after that sexual encounter, Ruggles inspected the house. He found a bloody knife. Wondering what this was all about, he went into the basement of the house looking for a body. Dont Stop - Various - Dziewczyn 5 he found Calpurnia, gagged and bound, with a wound in her chest.

Ruggles fit the knife in to see if that was the knife that killed Carnivore - Sex & Violence 2006-07 (Lathe Cut). It was in fact. Ruggles cried over the dead corpse of his co-worker.

She smelled horrible, on account of the fact that people release their bowels when they die. Wim ran in looking for Ruggles, but Ruggles hid the body so Wim's virgin eyes could not be harmed. Well at least they seemed to be virgin eyes. Wim was still mysterious to everybody in the house, especially Rugles who had just met him. Wim Carnivore - Sex & Violence 2006-07 (Lathe Cut) ate the fruits and vegetables he was surrounded by. The clear waters were not poisoned with the toxic from earth.

Suddenly, Sonic burst in in order to find the boys. He started to sweat and got very hot, causing his balls to be wet and sag downward. Sonic took Ruggles away and let Wim stay in the garden. He gave Wim a bag of hard candies and sent him along, while he felt Ruggles' sweaty ball sack. He tugged on his scrotum and then put his hand up Ruggles' ass. Ruggles clenched Dying Shadows - Einsamtod - Einsamtod the hand, while it twisted around up his asshole.

His ass wasn't filled with shit, being that Ruggles had wiped well before. Sonic went deeper and deeper until he was touching Ruggles prostate. Sonic massaged Ruggles' prostate, trying to force Ruggles to become erect. Ruggles dick shot up and pointed ahead. He hadn't exploded yet, but he got the feeling every guy gets just before their orgasm. Ruggles' nose had beads of seat dropping from the tip and his knees were weak.

He breathed heavily and his stomach grew outward. Then he came a little bit onto the ground. Ruggles quickly remembered his lie about acrobatics and ran off to enlist the help of Wim.

Wim, having finished the candy, had now started eating bread and a banana. Ruggles asked Wim about dancing and acrobatics. It's all about confidence. If you don't think you will, you'll stay up. I mean if you know the basics your fine. Of course he could not go over everything, he went over the most important stuff. The performance was cancelled when Ruggles claimed to have hurt his foot. Smiley, Dingo. Smed, Onyx, D2, and Zray, Sonic's friends, were all dissapointed. Sonic, to apologize for the cancelled dance, allowed Ruggles to be used as a table.

They layed him out on his stomach and ate food off of his ass and his Carnivore - Sex & Violence 2006-07 (Lathe Cut). They would put cold drinks and other chilled food on his ass to cause him discomfort.

Smed asked "Jethro, where did this boy come from? He is perfect. I mean look at his penis, and his buttocks, and his face.


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