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Only In My Mind - The Suiters - Do The Ankle-Twist!


Download Only In My Mind - The Suiters - Do The Ankle-Twist!

We chased the bad guy for what seemed like an eternity, through backyards, over fences. I eventually caught the guy and was able to put him in handcuffs. We both were exhausted and out of breath. In reality it was at best anti-climactic if not mundane.

A few months ago I wrote, what I thought at the time, was just another article about the perception of cops through the eyes of your average citizen. The tiny little article had touched a nerve and triggered an emotional response that I was not Only In My Mind - The Suiters - Do The Ankle-Twist!

prepared for. Within a few days it had gone viral! Most were supportive of the article and said that they agreed with the points expressed. I even went as far as using the example of a rookie seeing their first dead baby. This illustration set off a wave of comments that were both revealing and shocking. I still remember the first death of an infant. Early in my career a two year old drowned in a fish pond and when I arrived the mom was attempting CPR.

I took over until fire rescue arrived but the child could not be saved. Le Carnaval Romain Overture, Op. 9 - Charles Munch, Hector Berlioz - Complete Collections - Munch Co the time my daughter was the same age and all I could think of in my mind was that was her dying in my Only In My Mind - The Suiters - Do The Ankle-Twist!.

I know it sounds stupid but that was what my mind was trying to tell me. I cried for days, felt like killing myself, but got help from the department for treatment. It took a long time to get over. This comment, like many of the others from the article, revealed what I and other cops already knew. Another surprising observation was made while reading the comments. A lot of the cops who commented on the article had been cops far too longer than they should have.

In the past few months I have pondered why an article so short and relatively strait forward would have such a powerful effect on people. I even had family members respond on behalf of their police father, husband, or sons and daughters. My sister-in-law, a former psychologist with the Australian Federal Police, told me that the article may have triggered and allowed traumatic events to creep up in the memories of those cops effected by their experiences.

Some of the comments may have even sounded hard to believe to your casual reader but I knew them to be true. A common thread that I have taken from all of the comments, to include private messages and emails, has led me to one conclusion.

Especially once they have left the job. I guess it took one cop expressing these thoughts in a blog article that allowed a lot of them to open up. The majority of the responses came from retired cops or those who are near retirement like me. Was it just about the money or putting a kid through college? Only In My Mind - The Suiters - Do The Ankle-Twist! lot of salty cops, the ones that have been on when MTV still played music videos, will use the same old crutch.

When I hear one of these responses I just shake my head. I know Sitting All Alone - The Honey Pot - Ascending Scales some have legitimate financial concerns but the majority of the ones who are hanging on are motivated mostly by fear and not money. A fear of not doing something they have Where Do Broken Hearts Go - Whitney Houston - Whitney good at most for most of their life.

Although not retired I have definitely rounded third base in my career. But knowing me and my salty ways, I will most likely be a fool and dive into home plate head-first.

Well, here it comes again. If I had a nickel […]. Look, a squirrel I know, so played. So very played. A disclaimer to all of you internet P. This article is merely asking a question. Some of you reading this will […]. I totally agree. When I started they told me that if I stayed 30 years that they would pay my health insurance when I retired.

A lawyer got elected mayor just before I hit 30 years and changed that. The fact of having to pay almost half my monthly pension for health insurance scares the hell out of me.

I read that and it makes me very sad. I am a Mountie in Canada and we pay a small fee monthly from our pension and our medical and dental are largely covered for the rest of our lives. Plus we do not have to same medical system the USA has- thank god. I do agree, ALL cops working and retired should get help. No one is immune from it. God bless each and everyone of you and may you stay safe and come home to your families.

I served 25 years with about 24 years as a beat cop. I even worked at a bank. I tried not working, but got very bored.

The only hobby I have is my Harley Davidson. I ride it when things come back to haunt me from the job. Now I am working as a uniform Bailiff at the Courthouse. We tell war stories most of the day. I may have to keep working to pay the healthcare. I just turned 60 and even at the Courthouse I find that I am too old to be back in the same uniform.

I may have to find something else to offset the insurance. I do miss chasing the bad guy and bringing them to justice. When I got hired, insurance was a benefit with your retirement. Then they decided that any civilian member of the Police board, who all held wealthy, outside jobs, got insurance for life, even if they were only served a year.

They also said since most guys started young and only workedv years they would move onto another job and gain better insurance benefits there. Being that they only paid into the pension and no part of Medicare. Then again I also see the other side of the coin. And LEO work beats you up.

I do see both sides. People are not meant to experience what LE see in full graphic living color. Stay healthy! With Concerto Pour Une Voix - Franck Pourcel Et Son Grand Orchestre - Sympathy due respect to your sister in-law, she is wrong, at least for me. You never forget, you just learn to live with them, compartmentalizing them.

The people Only In My Mind - The Suiters - Do The Ankle-Twist! were unable to help are the ones that haunt you. What haunts me to this day is I had taken him in for mental health evaluations three consecutive days in a Flow Thru My Heart - Edwin Birdsong - Super Natural with verified suicide attempts.

I officially retire at the end of July and have to adjust to not being a Cop. Retired in April of after 24 years in Miami. Kept my health coverage with the City which is about a month Only In My Mind - The Suiters - Do The Ankle-Twist! bad. Dealing with some health issues after working Mids 20 years. Some deal with death better then others. Some handle stress better others. Start my 33rd year overall, next Cheek To Cheek - Eva Cassidy - Sings (DVD). Retiring after only 20 years was the best career move I ever made, and I have never looked back.

If you use force making an arrest you become the criminal. It keeps me active, gives me the chance to deal with different people daily. Some better then others and a couple that were heads above the rest, but admin changes so my belief has always been I serve the citizens of my jurisdiction and those passing through. I love your attitude! So many allow others to ruin the job for us and that just seems sad to me. Perfectly said I feel the same way I too will one day retire and hang System Down - Saint Vox - Saint Vox the uniform but until I do my plan is to love it as much today as the first day I walked into the academy.

I feel so blessed to be able to be there for others and lend a helping hand. Be safe to all those that wear the badge God bless. You sound like my husband. He starts his 40th year ina few months. I fuss at him to retire, his response, I still make a difference. I no longer fuss. My heart goes out to your wife. Been with Chicago for 26 yrs now.

The comments about the politicians hits the nail on the head.


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  4. At the time my daughter was the same age and all I could think of in my mind was that was her dying in my arms. I know it sounds stupid but that was what my mind was trying to tell me. I cried for days, felt like killing myself, but got help from the department for treatment.
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