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94-92 - Various - Premier Combat Vol.1

Label: RP Records - none • Format: CD Compilation • Country: France • Genre: Hip Hop •
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With a population of 1,, it is Russia's second-largest city east of the Ural Mountains after Novosibirsk, and seventh by size nationally. For a brief period during the Russian Civil War in —, it served as the capital of the anti-Bolshevik Russian State and held the imperial gold reserves. Omsk is the administrative center of the Siberian 94-92 - Various - Premier Combat Vol.1 Host. It also serves as the episcopal see of the bishop of Omsk and Tara, as well as the administrative seat of the Imam of Siberia.

The mayor is Oksana Fadina. The wooden fort of Omsk was built in by a cossack unit led by Ivan Buchholz to protect the expanding Russian frontier along the Ishim and the Irtysh rivers against the Kyrgyz and Dzungar nomads of the Steppes. The original Tobolsk and the restored Tara gates, along with the original German Lutheran Church and several public buildings are left from that time.

Omsk was granted town status in In Omsk became an administrative capital of Western Siberia and later in the center of the vast Steppes region today the northern part of Kazakhstan and Akmolinsk Oblast, in particular acquiring several churches and cathedrals of various denominations, mosques, a synagogue, the governor-general's mansion, and a military academy.

For that time Omsk became a major center of the Siberian exile. 94-92 - Various - Premier Combat Vol.1 to Fyodor Dostoyevsky served his sentence in an Omsk katorga prison. Development of the city was catalyzed with the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway in the s that affected significance of Omsk as a logistic hub. Many trade companies established stores and offices in Omsk defining the character of the city center. British, Dutch, and German consulates were established roughly at the same time in order to represent their commercial interests.

The pinnacle of development for pre-revolutionary Omsk was the Siberian Exposition of Agriculture and Industry in The "Provisional All-Russian Government" was established here inheaded by the Arctic explorer and decorated war hero Admiral Kolchak.

Omsk was proclaimed the capital of Russia, and its central bank was tasked with safekeeping the former empire's gold reserves. Bolshevik forces entered the city in The Soviet government preferred the young Novonikolayevsk later known as Novosibirsk as the administrative center of Western Siberia, prompting the mass transfer of administrative, cultural, and educational functions from Omsk.

This somewhat stunted Omsk's growth and sparked a continuing rivalry between the two cities. Because it was both far from the fighting and had a well-developed infrastructure, Omsk provided a perfect haven for much of the industry evacuated away from the frontlines in Additionally, contingency plans were made to transfer the provisional Soviet capital to Omsk in the event of a German victory during the Battle of Moscow October to January Kirov Factory no.

94-92 - Various - Premier Combat Vol.1 Transmash declared bankruptcy in In the s, following the development of the oil and natural-gas field in Siberia, an oil-refining complex was built, along with an entire "town of oil workers", expanding Omsk northward along the Irtysh.

It is currently the largest such complex in Russia. Gazprom Neft, the parent company, is the largest employer in the city, wielding its tax rates as leverage in negotiations with municipal and regional authorities.

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Omsk experienced a period of economic instability and political stagnation. Most of the city's large businesses, which had previously been state owned, were fought over by members of the former party elite, the emerging nouveau riche, and fast growing criminal syndicates. The most notorious cases involved the privatization of Sibneft, a major oil company, which dragged on for several years. Until the end of the s, political life in Omsk was defined by an ongoing feud between the oblast and city authorities.

The resulting conflict made at least two points of view available to the public and served as the impetus for some improvements to the city's infrastructure and cultural life. These included the construction of new leisure parks and the renovation of the city's historic center, the establishment of the annual Siberian International Marathon, and of the annual City Days Festival.

Despite this, internal political competition drained the Omsk's resources and served as a major obstacle for smooth government operations and city development. Omsk is situated on the south of the West Siberian Plain along the banks of the north-flowing Irtysh at its confluence with the Om River.

Omsk is an important railroad hub, and is the junction point for the northern and southern branches of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The city also serves as a major hub for the regional highway network. River-port facilities handle both passengers and freight, giving the city access to navigating the extensive waterways of the Irtysh and Ob River. The waterways connect Omsk with the coal and mineral-mining towns further up the river in Kazakhstan, as well as with the oil, natural gas and lumber operations of northern Siberia.

Omsk is served by the Tsentralny Airport, which offers access to domestic and international primarily, German and Kazakh destinations, making the city an important aviation hub for Siberia and the Russian Far East. Omsk has a humid continental climate characterized by dramatic swings of weather. The average annual precipitation is millimeters Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as the city of oblast significance of Omsk —an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts.

The population in Omsk had been steadily rising, オトシモノ - Akiko Shikata - Wokashi to the records: from 31, in to 53, in and to 1, in The area is an eclectic mix of architectural styles, dominated by Art-Nouveau, Neoclassical and Second Empire.

Closer to the confluence of the Om and the Irtysh are the few surviving sombre buildings of the 18th-century fortress. The largest and most opulent church in the city is the Dormition Cathedral, a five-domed edifice in the Russian Revival style, consecrated indemolished by the Soviets, and restored in the first decade of the 21st century.

Another area of interest is Nikolsky Avenue-Krasnykh Zor Street, where a line of merchants' wooden houses still stands. The street leads to the Neoclassical cathedral of St. Nicholas, which was commissioned by the Cossacks, designed by Vasily Stasov and consecrated in It contains various relics of the Siberian Cossacks. As a prominent educational center, Omsk has a number of museums, theaters, music venues, and educational institutions. Omsk is a major rail, road, and air hub. Additionally, Omsk possesses a river port on the Irtysh, offering service to domestic destinations and to cities within Kazakhstan.

Municipal Transport consists of a large bus and trolley, and tram networks, although the latter of these has deteriorated severely since the collapse of the USSR. A Metro system, proposed in the late s, but postponed for lack of funds, is currently under 94-92 - Various - Premier Combat Vol.1with the Metro bridge over the Irtysh River.

The bridge is already opened for cars upper levelbut the metro lower level is 94-92 - Various - Premier Combat Vol.1 under construction. As a first 94-92 - Various - Premier Combat Vol.1one short line will connect the districts in the northwest with the city center. As ofonly one station is open and serves as a pedestrian subway. Media related to Omsk at Wikimedia Commons.

Location of Omsk. Main article: List of people from Omsk. Egor Averin, hockey player Vladimir Barnashov, biathlete and biathlon coach Vitalina Batsarashkina, sports shooter Viktor Blinov, hockey player Tatiana Borodulina, speed skater Dmitrij Jaskin, hockey player Sergei Kalinin, hockey player Yevgeniya Kanayeva, rhythmic gymnast Yuliya Kosenkova, middle distance athlete Vera Krasnova, speed skater Marat Mulashev, professional football Nikita Nikitin, hockey player Nikita Pivtsakin, hockey player Anastasija Reiberger, pole vaulter Dennis Siver, mixed martial arts fighter Yuri Shatalov, hockey player Alexander Shlemenko, mixed Sleep Tight, Good Night Man - Bobby Bare - Bare Tracks arts fighter Galima Shugurova, rhythmic gymnast Could Ive Been So Blind - The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker Skomorokh, rhythmic gymnast Roman Sloudnov, swimmer Alexander Svitov, hockey player Dmitri Sychev, association football player Andrei Taratukhin, hockey player Irina Tchachina, rhythmic gymnast Aleksei Tishchenko, boxer Polina Tsurskaya, figure skater.

See also: List of 94-92 - Various - Premier Combat Vol.1 towns and sister cities in Russia. Federal State Statistics Service. Retrieved 23 January Retrieved 19 January Russian Post. Retrieved November 30, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Administrative divisions of Omsk Oblast. Historical capitals of Rus' and Russian states and their predecessors. Ryurikovo Gorodische, The Croppy Boy - Sean Fogarty & Patrick ONeill - Ireland Boys Hurrah! — Kiev — Petersburg — Petersburg — de facto Moscow — St.

Petrograd November 7, — March 12, Moscow since March 12, This page is only for reference, If you need detailed information, please check here.

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For other uses, see Belgrade disambiguation. At this point the only safe thing yum can do is fail. There are a few ways to work "fix" this: 1. Contact the upstream for the repository and get them to fix the problem. This is most often usefu…. City [1]. Coat of arms. Omsk Oblast [1]city of oblast significance of Omsk [1]. Source 1: Pogoda. Source 2: NOAA sun, — [21]. Predecessors of modern Russia. Vladimir-on-Klyazma — Modern Russia since November 7,


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