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De Steile Rotspunt - X-Legged Sally - Feel Free To Vomit

Label: - none • Format: CDr Album MP3 • Country: Belgium • Genre: Jazz • Style: Contemporary Jazz
Download De Steile Rotspunt - X-Legged Sally - Feel Free To Vomit

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Invalid E-mail. Password: password is required. Minimum 8 characters8. Exceeded 32 characters. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update Account. Sick Day. She stared at the computer screen, a blank document open and the case file in front of her.

The case Mulder and she had just worked had been mildly typical. They argued about whether or not the creepy looking kid in a small southern town was secretly an alien abduction victim. She had been right; he was just a weird kid with an odd birth defect.

She sat back and looked at the clock. Thirty minutes late. Very Un-Mulder like. So Scully sat back and began her paperwork for the monumental time waste of a case on her desk. The minutes slipped by quickly for Scully, and before she knew it, it had been an hour since she had decided to call Mulder, and she De Steile Rotspunt - X-Legged Sally - Feel Free To Vomit had not seen hide or hair of Aint Love Good, Aint Love Proud - Various - Doin The Mod Volume One - The Go Go Train man.

She leaned over and picked up her office phone and dialed his home phone number. Sorry for not calling you. I hope you feel better. See you tonight Dana. She pulled the phone away from her ear, looked down at it and raised an eyebrow, before she put the receiver back into the cradle.

Can you tell the A. Before she could fully unlock the door it was unlocked from the other side and the door pulled away from Sadness Among Friends - Francesco De Masi - Vizi Privati, Pubbliche Virtù (Colonna Sonora Originale. In the doorway stood a very bedraggled tired looking Fox Mulder.

He nodded to Scully before turning his back on her and walking back to his couch, his shoulders slumped and feet dragging slightly in his exhausted state. Scully walked in and took her key from the lock before closing the door behind her and locking it. She walked the rest of the way in and entered the kitchen, setting down her bag on the counter top. Like, from stores? Scully, come on. You know what they put in that stuff. I can barely stand on my own right now Scully, let alone fight for the truth!

She stood in front of the TV, soup in hand as she placed the bowl on the table in front of the sick man. Mulder sat up to make room for Scully on the couch and leaned forward to pull the bowl closer to him, his shoulders hunched under the blanket he had pulled over himself. Scully Novodys Fault But Your Own - Jimmy Holiday - Turning Point down next to him and kicked her shoes off before leaning back on the couch and pulling her legs up to tuck them under herself.

The pair sat quietly, watching a scratchy black and white movie on the TV, Mulder eating his soup and Scully occasionally rubbing has back. When the soup finished Mulder sat back and looked at Scully, catching her eye before using his shoulder to nudge her over. The small woman slid to the end of the couch, a confused look on her face. Mulder laid down, adjusting the blanket around himself so that he could remain wrapped, his feet hanging off the end of the couch as he laid his head in Scully lap.

With a small moan, Mulder was fast asleep his breathing even when not punctuated by snores. Scully magical witches brew had worked! He was mostly cured! He sat up and looked to his side to see the sleeping Scully. After he was showered and in a loose pair of sweat pants he walked back out into his living room, Scully still asleep on the couch. Scully quietly approached the woman De Steile Rotspunt - X-Legged Sally - Feel Free To Vomit watcher her face.

Her whole body was loose muscles. Mulder reveled in the sight and imprinted it into his memory. Her lips were slightly parted to take in air, and her eyes shifted beneath her lids, her expression lax. Mulder reached his other hand up and slipped some loose hair behind her ear, feeling the warmth of his hand against her face, letting his hand linger there for a moment.

With his hand softly on her face Mulder thought about the woman in front of him. His partner, his other half. The person who knew him better than anyone else, and someone he knew just as well. They had seen each other at their highs, laughing and happy, celebrating. They had pulled the other up from their lows, loss of family, or hopes, aspirations, dreams. She had not. Mulder shut the door on the empty hallway and locked it. He trudged his way back to his couch and sat down heavily.

My first MulderXScully! Also, I have no clue what this will be rated. Also, please feel free to review! Let me know what you think, or if there are any flaws or De Steile Rotspunt - X-Legged Sally - Feel Free To Vomit mistakes! You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story. Report Story.


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