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Destiny - Various - Points In Time 007

Label: Good Looking Records - GLRPIT007 • Series: Points In Time - 007 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Drum n Bass
Download Destiny - Various - Points In Time 007

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Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev of Go to page. Rezyl Azzir and Dredgen Yor. Reader mode. HeronBrokengear said:. Please, everyone, keep in mind things you see in The Vault of Glass only matter if they're still real when you exit.

The place is, in essence a device designed to determine and actualize optimal sets of circumstances. This all was just a bit of channel surfing. It's only the reality stabilized with Atheon's death that counts.

So really freaking out about these is only important if these events seem imminent. HeronBrokengear Unrequited Demiurge. Sounds like the Vault is basically Schrodinger's Box as an actual place.

The good news is we now have a new cat graveyard. Threadmarks Ultra Sonic I drank of them, and tasted the sea. Praedyth Only Once - Tom Jones - This Is Tom Jones Mana have delved even deeper into the depths of the Vault. Perhaps they will triumph.

I, however, have destroyed myself to do this. They have taken my Ghost. They are in my blood and brain. But now there is hope. I have made a wound in the Vault. I have pierced it and let in the Light. Bathe in it, and be cleansed. Look to it, and understand: From my own Light and from the thinking flesh of the Vex I made a shield. The shield is your deliverance. It will break the unbreakable.

It will change your fate. Bind yourself Must Be Love - Cliff Richard - Every Face Tells A Story the shield. Bind yourself to me.

And if you abandon your purpose, let the Vault consume you, as it consumed me. Now it is done. If I speak again, I am not Kabr. Ultra Sonic Sep 11, Reader mode Threadmarks. I wonder if his thoughts are similar to what Asher Mir is going through. I am oh so curious. Circle of Nyx Contemplative. Ultra Sonic said:. From my own Light and from the thinking flesh of the Vex I made a shield. Hat's off to you Kabr. There's about Destiny - Various - Points In Time 007 be a whole ton of dead evil robots in your name.

Also, since Wei Ning is Destiny - Various - Points In Time 007 reoccuring character here, I thought to include this bit from Destiny 2's lore about her and Eriana Spoiler Seems like there is something she likes more than punching.

Circle of Nyx said:. Hi-Heel Sneakers - The Searchers - Its The Searchers and there were theories that Kabr actually became the Aegis, but that obviously ain't the case.

The previous snippet made that obvious. ScreamingMidgit is hunting Redhax. ScreamingMidgit said:. In short, Kabr got in one last laugh to the Vex before being turned into a Vex abomination. One one thing I never got was why the Vex never erased the Aegis from the Vault. Did Kabr tie it's very existence to the Vault or what? If they were to save Ikari, they would have to survive first.

The Vex are approaching! Indeed, all around the large platform, rectangular rings of light began to form amidst temporal fog; Destiny - Various - Points In Time 007 was bright flash, and there were Destiny - Various - Points In Time 007 dozens of Goblins and Harpies. Ikora flung a Lightning Grenade amidst a bunch of Goblins before answering, "When it comes to the Vault Various gateways could be seen, quiet and dormant.

At the far end of the corridor - miles away, it seemed - was a small glimmer of Light, naught Destiny - Various - Points In Time 007 a speck. I can't make heads or tails of our current physical Jakes Theme - Tim Krog, Jan Bartlett, Ed Christiano - The Boogey Man (Original Motion Picture Sound. Ultra Sonic Sep 12, Reader mode Threadmarks.

Who's up for seeing if Grandfather Paradoxes are really a thing? In a flicker of fluorescent cubes and hard light, Shinji Ikari was whisked away. His mother and the voice were both in agreement, and so Shinji took off running, leaping for the nearest platform. Kabron swiftly pursued, fists glowing with Void energy.

Wherever the Desolate Mind landed, his fists annihilated metal and circuitry The location was familiar, from a time that - in retrospect - seemed in certain measures both more idyllic and yet more painful at the same time: a former resort, converted to a proverbial company town by a cutting-edge scientific organization.

On its outskirts, a lanky wyrm with gray scales and sharp teeth was roaring, biting down on the arm of its opponent. His mouth had become drier than sand. And its opponent was none other than Evangelion Unit Welcome, Shinji Ikari, to your death. Nano Soldier The Anti-Cynic. That seems to be exactly what he did. Due to the Aegis, I guess he ended up opening a "hole" in the Vault, letting the Light in, and for all their power, for all their complex calculations, the Vex can never really predict the damnable space magic.

At best, the only thing they can try to do is isolate it in another time period in the Vault, but it will always be drawn to those who wield the Light. All Light is connected throughout spacetime after all if you follow Ulan-Tan's theories. Nano Soldier said:. This is canon to a degree.

The Vex word for Guardians according to Ghost is roughly "they who wield what we cannot predict" which suggests that the Light and by extension the Guardians can't be predicted accurately or at all by the Vex. Even in Destiny 1, it might as well have been canon, no? After all, in the Book of Sorrows, Quria faced up against Oryx and it tried to predict him, a being of paracausal power.

That failed spectacularly. The same would logically Destiny - Various - Points In Time 007 to those of the Light, which is also a paracausal force. Besides, they sure as hell can't predict Guardians spontaneously dancing in their inner sanctums. Don't the Vex worship the Darkness though? They actually didn't at first. It was Crota being tricked by Savathun into ripping a hole in Oryx's Throne World that resulted in Vex coming through, observing everything, and then Quria, Blade Transform, came about, studied Hive worms, and had its Vex and itself adopt the Sword Logic and Darkness worship.

The concept of Sword Logic Me And Those Dreamin Eyes Of Mine - DAngelo - Brown Sugar least. At this point in time, I'd say only the Black Garden Vex have tried the worship approach.


America (D,V) - De Gevleugelde Vrienden - History Of The Musical, As I Progress - Butch Cassidy Bunch - Butch Cassidy Bunch, Wisdom - Lin Fu Chan* - Tai Chi, ART - Ali - Que La Paix Soit Sur Vous

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Points In Time on Discogs.3/5(2).
  2. Sep 12,  · Ultra Sonic said: The way time travel works in Destiny is different from the way it normally is in some way, no? Circle of Nyx, Sep 12, # Ultra Sonic likes this. At this point in time, I'd say only the Black Garden Vex have tried the worship approach. The VoG Vex and other factions are trying different methods to reach.
  3. Destiny Points (DP) can be considered a game currency. All players earn them by leveling after level 10, for DP per level. However only VIP players can spend Destiny Points on Perks. They were previously, before Update 6, earned in Monster Play and used to advance your Monster Player and unlock new skills, traits, and more.
  4. Label: Good Looking Records - GLRPITLP • Series: Points In Time - • Format: 3x, Vinyl /5(1).
  5. Dec 06,  · At the moment that the battle is being fought, it only intersects with certain corresponding points in time on the other side, and that's why the Aegis can send us back to the Vault. The Vex gates may be able to link to specific space-time points on the other side as well, but only at certain locations, which would explain why the Vex build at certain sites and .
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Points In Time on Discogs/5(15).
  7. Destiny 2 is like a juicy brown Turkey. It looks good and tender on the outside but as soon as you cut a little further, its dry with barely any meat. It's always been this way and will continue to be this way. Play when the DLC comes out .
  8. Discover releases, reviews, songs, credits, and more about Points In Time at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your collection/5(85).

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