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Keep On Coming - The High - Hype

Label: London Records - 828 354-1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock
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These tips WILL skyrocket your conversions! Marketing firms HATE him. Copywriter reveals simple conversion tactic that never fails! If you ask me, headlines like those above are the mark of a lazy, unskilled copywriter. Use them at your own peril. Hype lowers trust. We know that people buy from those they trust, so over-hyping your copy is a major no-no. Instead of taking the easy way out and creating hyperbolic copy, you need to create copy aimed at helping your prospects whilst using the language they want to see.

Of course, the examples opening this article are at the extreme end of the scale. Very little copy is actually that exaggerated. So what exactly is hype? Well, one of the definitions provided by the Oxford English Dictionary is:. Let me say that again. No-hype copy is specific. It gets to the heart of the matter and actually helps your audience. So lets have a look at the steps you should be taking to produce some awesome, targeted, no-hype copy.

Generic hype. This is the only way to create copy that creates an emotional connection. This overlap is what will define your message. You need to find the overlap between your own identity and the language your audience uses to define a tone that will convert like crazy. Survey your existing customer basemine product reviewscall them or even bug their house if you have to. Pay particular attention to the language they use.

Make a note of adjectives that repeatedly pop up. Mimic that language in your copy. These are the words that Julian Bream - The Spanish Guitar define your tone and create kick-ass copy that builds an emotional response with your audience.

There are still a few potential issues that could cause your copy to fail. When writing for your prospects be sure to keep your tone conversational. It helps build trust and form a connection with your audience. Do you talk to your mother the same way you talk to your best friend? This can run contrary to writing conversationally because we do tend to use a lot of exaggeration in day-to-day speech.

Sadly, none of these statements are true. We exaggerate Keep On Coming - The High - Hype lot in spoken language because we have inflection and tone to help us out. Exaggeration and sarcasm are easily picked up on in spoken word, less so when written. Very few brands can get away with such absolutist claims.

Most of Keep On Coming - The High - Hype time they have a long history of an irreverent approach and a multimedia campaign allowing them Keep On Coming - The High - Hype get away with going a little overboard.

Just like Old Spice and Carlsberg. Instead of taking the absolutist Black Ice - Brother/Ghost - Black Ice and including subjective terms, we need to focus on providing substantive facts for an audience. How to turn your absolutist claims into high converting copy! CrazyEgg shows you how. Here are a few examples and what prospects are probably thinking when they first happen across your site.

Exaggerated claims like the above are believed to hook an audience and wow them with your bombastic claims. Truth is, all they do is raise doubts and questions. We live in a hyper-connected era. Hit them with facts. Facts cannot be denied and are far more convincing than vague claims to greatness. Benefits over features is a great piece of advice. Sometimes, knowing how we get the end result is just as important and persuasive as actually getting there.

Your local gym has hooked you with their killer copy and the idea of a brand new you. The testimonials from happy customers who have banished their muffin tops and now easily coast a 10k race are great.

But they still lack clarity. How did these people lose weight and increase their fitness? Benefits need to go hand in hand with features. Benefits alone tread the line between sales and hype. Features alone are dry and unpersuasive.

Whether you focus Keep On Coming - The High - Hype heavily on the benefits or features will depend on your particular target market, which is another reason why audience research is so important. Generally speaking, benefits should take pride of place in your marketing materials. The majority of purchases are emotional decisions, and benefits help you speak to those emotions.

A prime example of features trumping benefits is the Keep On Coming - The High - Hype sector. Generally speaking, tech professionals already know the benefits offered by various products and will be far more interested in the technical features of a new product.

It sounds counter intuitive, I know, but copy aiming only to make a sale is unsurprisingly salesy—a tone often mistaken for hype. Instead of focusing on the sale, aim to form a relationship with your prospects. As the copywriting king David Ogilvy said:. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything.

She wants all the information you can give her. Read other Crazy Egg articles by Peter Boyle. Marketing has changed a lot over the past few years. The keys to creating killer copy your prospects will love! Author Recent Posts. Peter Boyle. Pete Boyle is a conversion focused copywriter and marketing consultant. He helps brands increase their revenue through compelling copy and smart email campaigns. Click here to connect with Pete or download one of his free marketing guides.


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  2. No-hype copy is specific. It gets to the heart of the matter and actually helps your audience. It gets to the heart of the matter and actually helps your audience. So lets have a look at the steps you should be taking to produce some awesome, targeted, no-hype copy.
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