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Lets Go And Kill, Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites

Label: RCA - HY 1007 • Series: RCA Starcall • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Stage & Screen • Style: Soundtrack, Theme, Score
Download Lets Go And Kill, Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites

SinceMorricone has composed over scores for cinema and television, as well as over classical works. His score to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is considered one of the most influential soundtracks in history [2] and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. After playing the trumpet in jazz bands in the s, he became a studio arranger for RCA Victor and in started ghost writing for film and theatre. From toMorricone gained international fame for composing music for Westerns and—with an estimated 10 million copies sold— Once Upon a Time in the West is one of the best-selling scores worldwide.

He continued Expression (Original Mix) - Various - Elements (1st Testament) compose music for European productions, such as Marco PoloLa piovraNostromoFatelessKarol and En mai, fais ce qu'il te plait.

Morricone's music has been reused in television series, including The Simpsons and The Sopranosand in many films, including Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. His acclaimed soundtrack for The Mission [6] was certified gold in the United States. InMorricone Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites his first competitive Academy Award for his score to Quentin Tarantino's film The Hateful Eightat the time becoming the oldest person ever to win a competitive Oscar.

Morricone has influenced many artists from film scoring to other styles and genres, including Hans Zimmer[10] Danger Mouse[11] Dire Straits[12] MuseLets Go And Kill Metallica[14] and Radiohead. Morricone, who had four siblings, Adriana, Aldo that died accidentally before turning four years old, due to his nanny mistakenly feeding him cherries, to which he was severely allergicMaria and Franca, lived in Trasteverein the centre of Rome, with his parents.

Mario, his father, was a trumpet player who worked professionally in different light-music orchestras, while his mother Libera set up a small textile business. His first teacher was his father Mario Morricone, who taught him how to read music and also to play several instruments. Compelled to take up the trumpet, he entered the National Academy of St Ceciliato take trumpet lessons under the guidance of Umberto Semproni.

Morricone formally entered the conservatory in at age 12, enrolling in a four-year harmony program. He completed it within six months.

He studied the trumpet, composition, and choral musicunder Heavenly (DJ Circle Peak Heaven Dub) - Ali Sural Feat Gamze - Heavenly direction of Goffredo Petrassiwho influenced him; Morricone has since dedicated his concert pieces to Petrassi.

InMorricone was chosen among the students of the National Lets Go And Kill of St Cecilia to be a part of the Orchestra of the Opera directed by Carlo Zecchi on the occasion of a tour of the Veneto region.

Morricone wrote his first compositions when he was six years old and was encouraged to develop his natural talents. InMorricone was asked by Gorni Kramer and Lelio Luttazzi to write an arrangement for some medleys in an American style for a series of evening radio shows.

The composer continued with the composition of other 'serious' classical pieces, thus demonstrating the flexibility and eclecticism which has always been an integral part of his character.

Many orchestral and chamber compositions date, in fact, from Frog Dance - Orchestra Chris Reynolds - Swing Corner period between and Musica per archi e pianoforteInvenzione, Canone e Ricercare per piano ; Sestetto per flauto, oboe, fagotto, violino, viola e violoncelloComrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites Variazione per oboe, violoncello e piano ; Trio per clarinetto, corno e violoncello ; Variazione su un tema di Frescobaldi ; Quattro pezzi per chitarra ; Distanze per violino, violoncello e piano ; Musica per undici violini, Tre Studi per flauto, clarinetto e fagotto ; and the Concerto per orchestradedicated to his teacher Goffredo Petrassi.

Morricone soon gained popularity by writing his first background music for radio dramas and quickly moved into film. Morricone's career as an arranger started inby arranging the Lets Go And Kill Mamma Bianca Narciso Parigi. InMorricone started to support his family by playing in a jazz band and arranging pop songs for the Italian broadcasting service RAI.

He was hired by RAI inbut quit his job on his first day at work when he was told that broadcasting of music composed by employees was forbidden by a company rule. Throughout his career Morricone has composed songs for several national and international jazz and pop artists. In Spirit In Black - Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss, the composer co-wrote with Roby Ferrante the music for the composition "Ogni Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites "Every Time"a song that was performed by Paul Anka for the first time during the Festival di San Remo in This song was arranged and conducted by Morricone and sold over three million copies worldwide, including one million copies in Italy alone.

Another particular success was his composition, "Se telefonando. The Italian Hitparade No. After graduating inMorricone started writing and arranging music as a ghost writer for films credited to other already well-known composers, while also arranging for many light music orchestras of the RAI television network, working most notably with Armando TrovajoliAlessandro Cicognini and Carlo Savina. The s began on a positive note: marked in fact his real film debut with Luciano Salce's Il Federale The Fascist.

In an interview with American composer Fred KarlinMorricone discussed his beginnings, stating, My first films were light comedies or costume movies that required simple musical scores that were easily created, a genre that I never completely abandoned even when I went on to much more important films with major directors. Il Federale marked the beginning of a long-run collaboration with Luciano Salce. In Morricone composed the jazz-influenced score for Salce's comedy La voglia matta Crazy Desire.

That year Morricone arranged also Italian singer Edoardo Vianello 's summer hit "Pinne, Fucile e Occhiali", a cha-cha song, peppered with added water effects, unusual instrumental sounds and unexpected stops and starts. Morricone wrote more works in the climate of the Italian avant-garde. A few of these compositions have been made available on CD, such as "Ut", his trumpet concerto dedicated to the soloist Mauro Maurone of his favorite musicians; some have yet to be premiered.

From up to their eventual disbandment inhe was part of Gruppo di Improvvisazione di Nuova Consonanza G. The Rome-based avant-garde ensemble was dedicated to the development Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites improvisation and new music methods. The ensemble functioned as a laboratory of sorts, working with anti-musical systems and sound techniques in an attempt to redefine the new music ensemble and explore "New Consonance.

Morricone played Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites key role in The Group and was among the core members in its revolving line-up; in addition to serving as their trumpet player, he directed them on many occasions and they can be heard on a large number of his scores from the s.

Held in high regard in avant-garde music circles, they are considered to be the first experimental composers collective, their only peers being Lets Go And Kill British improvisation collective AMM. Their influence can be heard in Bobby - C.C.T.V. - Rehearsal Live Recording improvising ensembles from the European movements including Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemblethe Swiss electronic free improvisation group Voice CrackJohn Zorn [42] and in the techniques of modern classical music and avant-garde jazz groups.

The ensemble's groundbreaking work informed their work in composition. The ensemble also performed in varying capacities with Morricone, contributing to some of his '60s and '70s Italian soundtracks, including A Quiet Place in the Country and Cold Eyes of Fear His earliest scores were Italian light comedy and costume pictures, where Morricone learned to write simple, memorable themes. Tie Me Down! Morricone has never ceased to arrange and write music for comedies.

Inhe composed a lighthearted score for the Italian romantic comedy Tutte le Donne della mia Vita by Simona Izzo, the director who co-wrote the Morricone-scored religious mini-series Il Papa Buono. Though his first films were undistinguished, Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites arrangement of an American folk song intrigued director and former schoolmate Sergio Bee Gees - Living Eyes. Before being associated with Leone, Morricone had already composed some music for less-known western movies such as Duello nel Texas aka Gunfight at Red Sands The turning point in Morricone's career took place inthe year in which his third child, Andrea Morriconewho would also become a film composer, was born.

Film director Sergio Leone hired Morricone, and together they created a distinctive score to accompany Leone's different version of the WesternA Fistful of Dollars Morricone used his special effects to punctuate and comically tweak the action—cluing in the audience to the taciturn man's ironic stance. Though sonically Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River for a movie score, Morricone's music was viscerally true to Leone's vision.

As memorable as Leone's close-upsharsh violence, and black comedy, Morricone's work helped to expand the musical possibilities of film scoring. Morricone was initially billed on the film as Dan Savio. A Fistful of Dollars came out in Italy in and was released in The Timelords - Doctorin The Tardis three years later, greatly popularizing the so-called Spaghetti Western genre.

Over the film's theatrical release, it grossed more than any other Italian film up to that point. With the score of A Fistful of DollarsMorricone began his year collaboration with his childhood friend Alessandro Alessandroni and his Cantori Moderni. Morricone specifically exploited the solo soprano of the group, Edda Dell'Orsoat the height of her powers "an extraordinary voice at my disposal". Some of the music was written before the film, which was unusual.

Leone's films were made like that because he wanted the music to be an important Blind Prayer - Rod Stewart - The Best Of Rod Stewart Vol.

2 of it; he Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites To Know Him Is To Love Him - Various - Fonzie Favorites scenes longer because he did not want the music to end. According to Morricone this explains why the films are so slow.

Despite the small film budgets, the Dollars Trilogy was a box-office success. Morricone's score became a major success and sold over three million copies worldwide, earning him over million dollars. Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites 14 August the original score was certified by the RIAA with a golden record for the sale ofcopies in the United States only.

Montenegro's album with the same name included a selection of Morricone's compositions from the Dollars Trilogy. The opening scene of Jeff Tremaine 's Jackass Number Twoin which the cast is chased through a suburban neighborhood by bulls, is accompanied by this piece.

Inthe Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist Coolio extensively sampled the theme for his song "Change". Morricone's score for Once Upon a Time in the West is one of the best-selling original instrumental scores in the world today, with up to 10 million copies sold, including one million copies [63] [64] in France and overcopies [65] in the Netherlands.

The collaboration with Leone is considered one of the exemplary collaborations between a director and a composer. Morricone's last score for Leone was for his last film, the gangster drama Once Upon a Time in America Leone died on 30 April of a heart attack at the age of He had convinced Morricone to compose the film score.

The project was canceled when Leone died two days before Lets Go And Kill was to officially sign on for the film. In earlyItalian filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore announced he would direct a film called Leningrad. Two years after the start of his collaboration with Sergio Leone, Morricone also started to score music for another Spaghetti Western director, Sergio Corbucci.

With Leone's films, Ennio Morricone's name had been put firmly on the map. Most of Morricone's film scores of the s were composed outside the Spaghetti Western genre, while still using Alessandroni's team. InMorricone reduced his work outside the movie business and wrote scores for 20 films in the same year. The scores included psychedelic accompaniment for Mario Bava 's superhero romp Danger: Diabolik His talent and creativity were such that many other directors were soon keen to collaborate with him, and in the next few years Morricone scored a lot of films by politically committed directors: collaborating with Marco Bellocchio Fists in the Pocket, Gillo Pontecorvo The Battle of Algiers and Queimada!

InMorricone wrote the score for Violent City. That same year, he received his first Nastro Lets Go And Kill for the music in Metti, una sera a cena Giuseppe Patroni Griffiand his second only a year later for Sacco e Vanzetti Giuliano Montaldo,in which he had made a memorable collaboration with the legendary American folk singer and activist Joan Baez.

His soundtrack for Sacco e Vanzetti contains another well-known composition by Morricone, the folk song " Here's to You ", sung by Joan Baez. The song became a hit in several countries, selling overcopies in France only. In the same year, Morricone composed the Cold Fusion / Vendetta - Son Of Ugly / The Spy for the less-known drama Maddalena by the Polish film director Jerzy Kawalerowicz which included its composition ' Comrades - Ennio Morricone - Film Favourites Mai '.

In the beginning of the s, Morricone achieved success with other singles, including A Fistful of Dynamite and God With Ushaving sold respectivelyandcopies in France only. Between and the composer had a long-term collaboration with director Mauro Bolognini. Morricone wrote more than 15 film scores for Bolognini, including Le stregheL'assoluto naturaleUn bellissimo novembreMetelloChronicle of a HomicideLibera, My LovePer le antiche scaleLa Dame aux cameliasMosca addioGli indifferenti and Husband and Lovers In he composed the score for John Carpenter 's science fiction horror movie The Thing.

The American release gave Morricone an exposure in America and his film music became quite popular in the United States. One of Morricone's first contributions to an American director concerned his music for the religious epic film The Bible: In the Beginning At first Morricone's teacher Goffredo Petrassi had been engaged to write the score for the great big budget epic, but Huston preferred another composer.

The producer wanted to have the exclusive rights for the soundtrack, while RCA still had the monopoly on Morricone at that time and did not want to release the composer. Morricone never left Rome to compose his music and never learned to speak English. But given that the composer has always worked in a wide field of composition genres, from absolute music, which he has always produced, to applied music, working as orchestrator as well as conductor in the recording field, and then as a composer for theatre, radio and cinema, the impression arises that he never really cared that much about his standing in the eyes of Hollywood.


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  2. Ennio Morricone, OMRI (Italian: [ˈɛnnjo morriˈkoːne]; born 10 November ) is an Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor, and former trumpet player, writing in a wide range of musical styles. Since , Morricone has composed over scores for cinema and television, as well as over classical works.
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  6. – Ennio Morricone: Once Upon A Time In The West: C2 – Ennio Morricone: Let's Go And Kill, Comrades: C3 – Ennio Morricone: What Have You Done To Solange: C4 – Ennio Morricone: The Adventurer: C5 – Ennio Morricone: A Fistful Of Dollars: D1 – Ennio Morricone: Sacco And Vanzetti: D2 – Ennio Morricone: A Gun For Ringo: D3 – Ennio.

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