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Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait

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May the scream of the hawk enlighten your day for the sun shines again today from within the shadows shines our spirit in a land where the water still runs as blood for every tear we shed for the living the dead. Danny R. I have only this week learned of my Cherokee blood heritage. Beloved Woman, Princess Cornblossom is my 5th great grandmother on my grandpa's mother's side Minerva Blevins was his mother, granddaughter of Catherine Troxell, who was the mother Johnathon "Juber" Blevins and daughter of Cornblossom Doublehead.

I would love any further information regarding this family Thank you for your blog! Chasity McCart Jenny. Seems we are relatives Chasity, Downbound Train - Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. I too come from the Catherine Troxell line.

Me too. I am getting that Cornblossom, was only a legend. I know she was a Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait person. Also related throught the Blevins line. Her name is Pawalin.

Whites gave her the name Cornblossom. She was not a princess. Again this is what white people have called her. She is my 9th great grandmother. For what its worth my opinion is Pawalin is a real person.

She has been made into something bigger than what she was just to sell books. Or the family was trying though Pawalin to Lighten the fact that Doublehead sold land, turn away from His People.

Kirby Johnson if this is so I am also a relative of yours. Park for our family reunions. Would love to Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait to you more about our roots.

My email johnsonkirby hotmail. Some of the king family live in somerset ky. My mom was born in whitley city, ky along with 14 brothers and sister. So there is a whole lot of us. I have been doing the family tree since about My uncle norman started it back inI am still looking for proof of cornblossom, My cousin did her DNA and she has no Native American zero not one drop.

I need to dig a little deeper. Diane Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait Hudson. Check out my tree on Ancestry through my administrator Stephen Hudson of Hudson Family tree--golfsteve He also is related through the Belcher. Plz contact me if you have any further info. My sister and I family concurs also bear resemblance to Cornblossom. Means none of y'all are Cherokee as princess cornbloscorn if a made up person for a made up book.

Hello to all of my new family members. I am from the Blevins line. What a nice sight. I think we would all like to see photos or any information. Bless You. We were lost for a long time. I really didn. My grandmothers people are somehow related to Chief Doublehead, but we aren"t really sure how.

I would love to know how to find out exactly. My wife is Jacquilla Stonewall. I believe she has her family traced all the way back to Cornblossum through the Troxells.

In the book, Troxel creates additional characters to supplement the Doublehead story. Although Thomas H. Troxel was careful to note in the foreword to his book that the names of some of the characters are fictitious, many well-meaning persons have used his work as a framework upon which to build a fraudulent history of the region drained by the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River. The oft-repeated even on the Internet story of a mass murder at Yahoo Falls is based, not upon empirical data, Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait upon hearsay and revisionist history.

It is an unconscionable smear of the descendants of Hiram Gregory, who is charged with leading the assault upon the Cherokees, and serves, not to unite the people of the Big South Fork region, but to divide them.

In the past, good, but misinformed persons have sought to create a heritage for the people living within the drainage basin of the Big South Fork whom they regarded as having none.

They used their influence to put up historical markers and headstones, wrote about the region in national forest histories, and, patronizingly, tried to give what they thought was the region's due. They cannot be faulted for this because they did what they believed was right. But, we are at the dawn of a new era in historical research and Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait citizens of Wayne, Pulaski, and McCreary counties now know that their true heritage can be based upon real people and real events.

We must not be afraid to subject our sacred cows of tradition to the historical method and evaluate the data objectively and responsibly. I have done that to the Chief Doublehead-Big Jake-Cornblossom-Yahoo Falls Massacre, and have found it to be what it always will be-a series of fanciful stories not based upon factual evidence. Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait say as one of her descendants I'm proof Cornblossom did exist, but I'd be first to admit that although she was revered the Princess part is most likely only legend.

Perhaps, those "haters" are related to those Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait in the rape, torture, and murder of women and children and wish to deny the truth. Because, sometimes the truth is shameful! Nice to connect to you all! IF it is fiction, why is there monuments erected? Why would a state or county erect a III.

March, The BSO Forever - Proteus 7 - Bernstein Tribute to fake stories and people from fictional characters I also descend from this line and have been told all my life, i cant be Indian, for I have a olive tone to my white skin, but don't look Indian And try doing old fashion research yourself before taking such a stand on something u have not educated yourself about.

Cant deny historical documents. If u don't agree, then keep going Forgive him Lord for he know not what he does.

I'm also a descendant traced my grandfather to Kentucky and last year Wilber Troxel. Kelly, the reason why you've been told that you can't be "Indian" is because of genetics. My sister, on the other hand, has the skin color but doesn't look Native American at all! My DNA results show what is considered "noise". My sister Wrong Way - Rockpile - Seconds Of Pleasure she tested may have more than that.

I have been to Ywahoo Falls many times, heard the stories from Dan Troxell, visited the Doublehead Hines Cave ; but was not allowed inside of it. There are many who still deny the massacre even happened and now the black monument placed in the middle of the night If You Could See Me Now - Sonny Stitt - Sonny Stitt Plays Arrangements From The Pen Of Quincy Jones sitting in a garage!

I Keep On Comin - Flying Saucers - Diana And Other Hits From 60-ties for years trying to get a Historical marker placed there to no avail. It is a Sacred Place. Thanks for you work in trying to get a sign there. Maybe one day it will happen. A lot of people would like to hide their heads in the sand rather Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait think about the horrors perpetuated on the American Indians.

Thanks so much for your contribution and input. I can get that monument put there. I have a secret about government people taking native American artifacts from different places and it has to do with park rangers. Go to the state that this happened in and search for a Genealogical Society and then search for the Falls story and you will see for yourself,study up and then make ur own decision. Educating yourself is the best way to find out more.

The survivors of that massacre knew. They passed it on through their families. They had no internet. It is a sacred spot. This would be an insult, even to us all, but the victims were supposed to be buried in a mass grave, behind the falls. Has anyone ever checked the site, for the bones of our Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait . Before they call us liars.

I am not being disgraceful to the Maleguena - Dan Troxell - Portrait of my family who died there. I know they would like the truth to be known and have people stop calling it a lie.

They died for their future generations, and here we Jas Me - Max Roach - Survivors We should always honor our ancestors!

Knowing their suffrage certainly Lovesick - Beach Mercer - Glow the good within me! According to family history - as recorded by my father's cousin and other sources - I'm a descendant of Cornblossom and Jacob Troxell's daughter Sarah Troxell who I'm told cohabited with my ancestor William Blevins b.


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  1. The music of "Sleighride!" is the perfect companion for a cozy family dinner, relaxing by the fire, or for a festive holiday party. Award Winning Artist Dan Troxell!
  2. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark A. Milley hosts the change of responsibility and retirement ceremony for outgoing SEAC John Wayne Troxell. Troxell will turn over his duties.
  3. Beloved Woman Cornblossom The "portrait" is of one of Cornblossom's granddaughters who is the spitting image of Cornblossom. The picture was taken about or has been in his family's possession since ") THE MARRIAGE OF JACOB TROXELL & CORNBLOSSOM- by Dan Troxell The Cherokee wedding was held at and around Doubleheads cave (Wayne.
  4. Explore releases from Dan Troxell at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Dan Troxell at the Discogs Marketplace.
  5. CREATIVE SHOWCASE Dan Troxell is a photographer living in Des Moines, Iowa, specializing in digital-or-film street and event portraiture wherever there’s light, and sometimes where there’s not.
  6. Vinyl =VG+ Cover =VG (shrink kinda on). VG+ = vinyl still has a great luster, record shows wear, surface scuffs. But the flaws will be noticeable to the naked eye. A virtually clean cover, but may have small writing on kajikinosmugisbroadcrusher.infoinfo artwork looks clean with slightly more kajikinosmugisbroadcrusher.infoinfo Rating: % positive.

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