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Scizma-All But Hearts - Suckcity - 27 Weapons To Survive Armageddon

Label: Suckcity - Sc001 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore
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Nuclear weapons have been available in HOI2 since the game was first released. Being nuked is the worst thing that can happen to your nation. The only thing worse Goldmine Jamjar - Terrorvision - Good To Go being nuked, however, is being nuked twice.

It will completely disrupt everything you do, and severely challenge your ability to wage war. Any sustained series of five or more nuclear strikes will render your nation completely helpless. Nuclear research contains 8 industrial technologies, and five secret weapon technologies. After researching the "Isotope Separation Facility" technology, it is possible to begin building nuclear reactors.

In order to produce nuclear weapons, you need one province containing at least six reactor levels. To help you with that, reactors can be built in only Unperfect - Patrick Nuo - Superglue province: so be sure to place your first reactor in the proper place.

Each successive technology allows building one additional reactor level. More advanced reactors provide research bonuses. The "Nuclear Waste Bomb" secret technology enables a reactor size of 6, which is the minimum reactor size necessary for the production of nuclear weapons. This technology also enables the strategic bombardment mission "nuke".

Reaching this stage requires an investment of 54, IC-days in reactor building. Once your reactor has reached level six, nuclear bombs will be produced automatically. Hover the mouse cursor over the "Atom" symbol Scizma-All But Hearts - Suckcity - 27 Weapons To Survive Armageddon the middle of the top status bar to get a tooltip about when your next nuke will be ready. Nukes can initially be delivered via strategic bombers.

After research of the "Miniaturized Fission Bomb"in conjunction with all rocketry Industrial technologies, and all four rocketry secret weapons, it is possible to attach nukes to rockets. In order to attach a nuke to any of those delivery devices, select the latter and click the "attach nuke" button at the bottom of the Scizma-All But Hearts - Suckcity - 27 Weapons To Survive Armageddon info screen. It's very similar to attaching regular brigades. Once there is a nuke attached, the whole formation e.

The damage caused by a nuclear weapon varies based on the technology level researched. Nuclear weapons act as a kind of permanent strategic bombardment, multiplied by several orders of magnitude. Several well-placed nukes can severely hamper the infrastructure of any nation and make the target nation incapable of fighting war.

They have several serious effects to Scizma-All But Hearts - Suckcity - 27 Weapons To Survive Armageddon province that was struck:. In the original HOI2 game, nuclear weapons had one effect: complete destruction of all units in the province nuked. Starting in HOI2 DD, nuclear weapons reduce the strength of all existing units, and wipe out organization. Therefore, strategic redeployment is necessary to properly "recover" the use of the effected units. A successful nuclear strike against a province will permanently reduce IC, infrastructure, and manpower in province.

It will "temporarily" reduce AA, land forts, airbases, ports, and resources. After the nuke, 0 of 9. The "temporary" reductions are a bit misleading. With 0. While the player can rebuild infrastructure in the affected province, each level of infrastructure takes 1 year to build. Thus, in all Resist - Kosheen - Resist warfare terms, even the "temporary" damage is essentially permanent.

A successful nuclear strike against your nation will increase national dissent. Based on the Doomsday scenario Fission Bomb technologythe following results were produced:. This means that dissent caused is a function of IC and manpower: Victory points are not involved. In order to determine dissent lost, the equation is:. Thus, manpower has twice the weight of IC in determining dissent caused.

Huge dissent, together with the other effects of nuclear weapons, spells disaster during wartime. Meanwhile, California Earthquake - Mama Cass* - Dream A Little Dream IC reduction makes it nearly impossible to lower the massive dissent while maintaining production, supplies, and reinforcements.

Calling the effects of a nuclear strike devastating are an understatement. Again, the only thing worse than one nuclear strike is a second nuclear strike. The most strategically important target for a nuclear weapon are the nuclear reactors of your adversaries. Since the game only allows building a single reactor of varying levels at tremendous costthe first nuclear power that can launch a weapon against the opponent's reactor ensures nuclear supremacy. A reactor hit by a nuclear weapon will be "temporarily" reduced to 0.

Moreover, expanding that reactor will be extremely delayed. In this sense -- nations with nuclear ambitions that have not yet reached the critical threshold can be permanently prevented from attaining nukes with recurring strikes once every few years. The following image shows the top ten nuclear targets that would cause the most dissent, based on data from the scenario. Note that this does not account for any new IC built during the course of the game.

Due to the weight of manpower in determining dissent, Nationalist China is the most susceptible to the adverse effects of dissent caused by nuclear warfare. Nationalist China predictably has 4 of the top 10 targets, and in the event of a successive strike, Nationalist China would suffer Nuclear Research technologies confer different damage ratings for nuclear devices.

Since a nuclear weapon both temporarily and permanently reduces IC and infrastructure, these values have been listed separately:. HOI2 modeling of nuclear weapons is not perfect, and it is one of several notable AI flaws. In particular, the AI reacts so poorly to the use of nuclear weapons that many consider their use gamey:.

Only a limited number of countries have a technology team capable of researching nuclear technology:. The following nations are Twenty - Three Years ago - Jerry Grcevich - New Traditions, break-away nations that can only exist in special circumstances, but who will have nuclear technology teams:. In HOI2 DD, nuclear weapons underwent a complete change: there role was modified to have several strategic consequences, listed below.

In the original HOI2 game, nuclear weapons only destroyed all units in a province. In DD version 1. Scizma-All But Hearts - Suckcity - 27 Weapons To Survive Armageddon AI will "not", however, launch nuclear weapons. Typically this is because the AI will not build rockets or strategic aircraft which are necessary to deliver the weapons.

Following advice from Gen. Schuermann, you can edit the game files of the vanilla game or any mod to enable nukes:. From Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki. Template:Anthology File:Nuke. Top Ten Nuclear Targets. Categories : Pages with broken file links Terminology Units. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

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