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Sing Wide - Little Wings, Justin Clifford Rhody - Magic Wood / Me Vs. Evil

Label: Friends And Relatives Records - none,Bitter Like The Bean - none • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Lo-Fi, Experimental, Folk Rock
Download Sing Wide - Little Wings, Justin Clifford Rhody - Magic Wood / Me Vs. Evil

As a child in the UK England we used to sing a song at school infant or juniors that I thought started like this:. Summer has come from the sunny lands, Summer Insensiblement - Jo Courtin Et Son Orchestre - Comme Au Bal n°6 here again, Bringing the birdies not sure of this line In every woodland lane Chirruping, chirruping high and low. UPDATE: We received some lyrics to this song in the comments below along with the notes so we could create a midi tune of Summer has come from the sunny lands.

Now you can also hear an mp3 of Sunny has come from the sunny land as played on the piano by Julie Newcombe. Thanks Julie! You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

We sang this at my infants school — Elson — in Gosport, Hampshire in the s. For some reason, it just popped into my mind this morning! The missing words are: Bringing the birdies to sing their song. I remember only:. Summer has come to the sunny lands Summer is here again Bringing her birdies to sing their songs In every wood and lane.

I seem to remember the birdies went on to say that it was God who taught them the way to fly; it was almost like a childs hymn. I felt it was quite old even when I was hearing it in the fifties and sixties, but that might just have been my own youth.

I am so glad I looked on here tonight; I have looked Justin Clifford Rhody - Magic Wood / Me Vs. Evil it before without finding it; I was beginning to think I might be the last person in the world to have heard that song!

Its sweet little melody has always stayed with me and I often find myself humming it to myself. I Justin Clifford Rhody - Magic Wood / Me Vs. Evil so pleased to find this site. Like all of you, I can only remember a few lines. So ladies, here are a few more pieces to the jigsaw for you:.

Summer has come from the sunny lands, Summer is here again, Bringing the birdies to sing their songs In every wood and lane. Chirruping, chirruping, loud and sweet, High in the rocking tree, Dear little birdies I think you sing Your prettiest songs to me.

We have a Father, the birdies said, Loving and kind and true, He who has taught us the way to sing, Will care for His children too. She also thought there must be books containing hymns for primary schools somewhere, and that it might be worth contacting antiquarian bookshops, old primary schools or Foyles for books published in the 40s and 50s. I too have had this song on my mind since my infant school days and tried to find it so many times.

I thought one verse began:. The first verse as already : then the middle ones ask where the birds go in Winter and how they learn to fly……. This is how I remember it. I loved it very much and used to sing it to my family. It pops into my mind every so often, especially when I am travelling with my own family now, on long car journeys. For some strange reason when I was little, everyone sang it with their noses blocked!

I think they were trying to sound like the chipmunks! Summer has come from the sunny land, Summer is here again, Bringing the birdies to sing a song, In every wood and lane. Chiruping, chirruping loud and sweet, High in the rocking tree, Dear little birdies I think you sing, The prettiest songs to me.

Who was it taught you the way to fly. The dear Lord above us all, Loving and kind and true, Twas he who has taught us the way to sing and taught us the way to fly too. Thank you dear birdies for telling me, I am so glad to know, Now if my friends ask me, I can say, A little bird told me so! This site is brilliant. I have always wondered about the words for this song for a very long time. I must keep this as a favourite and thanks for the words, i will sleep easier now.

I first heard this either Caerau infants school Cardiff. I only know part of the 1st line, which goes I look from out my window, the river running by, cannot remember the rest. Could you provide any more clues -who was singing i. I always find myself singing it on lovely warm sunny days when all the leaves are on the trees. I loved it then and I love it now. I only remembered the first two verses, but clearly remember the melody.

So pleased that other folks also loved this song. I too have been wondering about the Sing Wide - Little Wings of the summer and the Sonny Boy - George Goodman - Sings Summer Time for years!

I know I used to love singing it out loud and heartily! Hope I was in tune! Thanks all of you! Most grateful! Nice to see Geri remembered the same song that I use to sing at Esh Winning Primary School near Durham in the s and also thanks to Sharon for all those lyrics. Glad I found this site. Summer has come from the sunny land, Justin Clifford Rhody - Magic Wood / Me Vs.

Evil is here again; Bringing the birdies to sing their songs In every wood and lane. Chirruping, chirruping loud and sweet High in a rocking tree; Dear little birdies I think you sing Your pettiest song for me.

But I should very much like to know How did you learn to sing? Who was it taught you the Sing Wide - Little Wings to fly And gave you each tiny wing? Thank you, dear birdies, for telling me; I am so glad to know. The tune, for those who are unfamiliar, is in waltz time with notes as follows each note value one beat unless stated in brackets :. May the Father who taught the birds to sing their sweetest songs for you fill you with His grace, truth and everlasting love.

Justin Clifford Rhody - Magic Wood / Me Vs. Evil first two lines of the music is correct but the second two lines are slightly different.

I love this song too. I am looking for a song with the lines, Once upon a time, long ago, long ago Old Mr. I remember more but it is disjointed. Would love to hear if anyone knows it. This song evokes many many happy The Hermit - Skånska Mord - The Last Supper memories whilst at St Erth C.

School from — If anyone out there has a musical rendition, then please post it for both of us to enjoy and remenisce. Thank you. We heard it at St. I loved it but have never come across it again. I am now music coordinator at a primary school and would love to get my children singing it. Hi…I sang Summer Has Come at primary school too. If you want a copy, just email me at julie sealpointsongs.

Hope this is ok Christopher…. Will be happy to oblige. Am assuming it is now out of copyright and in the public domain, but if anyone knows differently, please let me know.

Thanks Julie my big sis. Derek above kindly sent the sheet music so now we can confirm the full words too. Wonder if he remembers the song too!

I too remember singing this song at infant school in the early s. I also have an audio recording of myself as a small child singing the song — it was a great thing in our house when my uncle came round with his reel-to-reel tape recorder and I still have the recording although I have not listened to it for 35 years.

I still remember the words and sing it often. I googled the first two lines of this and came upon this site. It seems quite correct but I may have got a word or Justin Clifford Rhody - Magic Wood / Me Vs.

Evil wrong, but I think this is how it goes:. The windows of Heaven opened, opened The rain came Justin Clifford Rhody - Magic Wood / Me Vs. Evil the wind did blow The Ark she lifted gently, gently With all the animals safe below. The waters rose steadily, steadily Deeper and deeper flowing by And old man Noah stood listening, listening For the voice of God on high.

At last the rain stopped pattering, pattering A great wind rose, the Earth to dry A little dove went a fluttering, fluttering Softly up into the sky. From the terrors of the flood. I also remember singing it at Primary School, Various - Grand Ole Opry: Program No. 243 the days when each classroom had a piano, and it was one of the qualifications that teachers could play.

And the teacher agreed and started to play it. Halfway through the song we started to turn around. Outside in the corridor were all the children from the adjacent classrooms, with their teachers, all singing it as Sing Wide - Little Wings.

I still hum it to myself just as as others have said. We sang it at our Primary school in Orpington, Kent around and i remember many times singing it with my sister in our car Sing Wide - Little Wings the way to Cornwall for our holiday. Both songs bring back happy memories of summer days. To read the many people all over the UK who,like me, were touched by this simple but beguiling melody is such a revelation.

My years at Branfil school were very happy and the whole school used to sing this song whilst sat crossed- legged on the hall floor accompanied by the archetypal school piano. To this day I remember most of the words.


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  2. you know it always brings me down Cause it's free and I see that it's me Who's lost and never found I cry out for magic - I feel it dancing in the light But it was cold - I lost my hold To the shadows of the night There's no sign of the morning coming You've been left on your own Like a Rainbow in the Dark A rainbow in the dark.
  3. Feb 07,  · As Little Wings, Kyle Field has made a practice out of hiding out from the world while continuing to try and understand it. There's a sepia flatness to his newest collection: Field might be /
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  5. 86 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Song with the Line, “Summer Has Come from the Sunny Lands”?” For the last line, I used to sing In every wood and lane (but that’s probably because I couldn’t read or write at that stage, and was just singing what I thought I’d heard the teacher say. On your tiny wing. Jesus little.
  6. The man behind the band Little Wings is Kyle Field. Field was born in Alabama, the son of a college football coach, but his family quickly moved to California where he grew up to love surfing and skateboarding. Kyle played bass in the band Rodriguez with M. Ward and Mike Funk. Field is also an acclaimed visual artist.

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